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Educational Certificate Attestation Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE

Importance of education certificate attestation

Education certificate attestation is the process of authenticating educational documents through verification. A person must go through the process of educational credential attestation while traveling to another country for higher education or work. Under educational certificate attestation services, you can testify a degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate, etc. These credentials are crucial for developing a career. To strengthen the legitimacy of an educational degree for worldwide use, attestation is required.

There are various purposes for educational certificate attestation services:

  • For higher education.
  • For employment.
  • due to migration.
  • to obtain a residency permit.

The actual certificate and a copy of your passport are the key paperwork you need. These papers go through the vetting process. To begin the verification process, it must first be submitted to the relevant authorities. Various steps must be followed in order to validate the attestation of educational certificates. These attestation procedures must be followed and are crucial.

UAE is a well-known Arab country that is made up of seven contemporary and forward-thinking emirates. Although there are many chances in this country, each ex-pat must confirm their academic credentials to be allowed to use them in the required disciplines of the United Arab Emirates. A certification of the candidate’s educational qualifications is known as an educational certificate attestation for the UAE. Each immigrant must provide the UAE government with an attestation of their educational credentials before applying for a work visa.

This educational certificate attestation is used by UAE authorities to verify foreigners’ educational credentials. The main application of educational certificate attestation services for the UAE is to determine the legitimacy and authenticity of the educational certificates. Attesting educational credentials is a way to determine the knowledge, skills, and qualifications of foreign workers. However, acquiring UAE attestation is not a simple process, and the applicant must go through several legal procedures.

Attestation Of A Education Certificate In Dubai

In recent years, the procedure for obtaining an education certificate attestation in Dubai has been simplified. For both locals and foreigners, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offers attestation services for certifications issued by institutions situated in the UAE.

Residents can access these services in Customer Happiness Centers spread all around the UAE. In addition to educational documents, one can have their power of attorney, contract, marriage, and divorce documents confirmed.

The procedure for havi ng your academic credentials certified in Dubai has recently been streamlined. You can register as an individual or a business by logging onto the official MoFAIC website. The procedure is clear-cut.

Educational Certificate Attestation in dubai

You can begin an application for attestation once you’ve logged in. A new form requesting pertinent information about your application will then appear. Fill out the form, submit a scanned copy of the document that needs attestation, and choose the attestation body. In addition, you have the option to send the paper via pre-paid courier rather than personally.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Internal Cooperation is often the organization responsible for educational documents. However, the body may differ in some particular situations.

Make sure your application is perfect before submitting it. As soon as you submit the application, you are unable to make any changes, so this is your final opportunity to check for any problems. Therefore, spend a few minutes making sure that the data entered is accurate.

Education certificates from international institutions

Idealistically, you should have your documents confirmed before traveling to Dubai. There are two ways to have the educational certificates authenticated in Dubai, nevertheless, if that period of time has passed. You can either provide it to a company in the United Arab Emirates and have them handle the work for you, or you can go through the process yourself. Although agencies may charge for their services, you are spared the inconvenience and the likelihood of errors is reduced.

Bring both the original and a copy of the document to the appropriate government agency in the nation where the degree was conferred. For instance, you must visit the British Council Dubai, which is located on Tariq Bin Ziyad Street in Bur Dubai, if your degree was awarded by the United Kingdom. Conversely, for degrees granted by institutions in the USA, you should get in touch with the institution directly as most of them provide notarial services. In around two weeks, the appropriate authority verifies the authenticity of the certificate.

The following step is to courier the attested paperwork to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes, UK, once you get the stamp and signature from the British Council Dubai. The attestation procedure in the US is handled by the US Department of State Authentications office, thus the document must be forwarded to their address. Sending the document to the United Arab Emirates Embassy in London or Washington, DC, is the third step. The paper must be delivered to the Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) after being signed and sealed. You will receive your attested paperwork from the Ministry if everything is in order.

The first and second steps will be different for other nations. Most nations have attestation-specific departments. Citizens can get their documents certified with the help of local institutions or authorities. The best course of action would be to send the certificates to the relevant bodies in the various countries and then have them attested by MOFA if you wanted to receive your certificates from Pakistan or India in the UAE. Alternatively, In Dubai, there are many companies offering educational certificate attestation services.


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