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Divorce Certificate Translations Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE

Legal Translation In Dubai

Divorce Certificate Translations Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE

It is typically essential to complete the formal requirements to get a certificate of separation when a relationship ends legally. This will demonstrate that you are no longer engaged in a legal partnership and will call for a translation of the divorce judgment. The laws of some nations may demand evidence of your divorce and related legal documents. Al Qais Legal Translation specialized in Divorce Certificate Translations Services.

A translated document with a statement attached is referred to as a certified translation. The declaration is signed by a translator and notarized by a notary public. The declaration attests to the accuracy of the translation. For usage abroad, vital records will require an apostille or certificate of authentication.

A divorce certificate is a necessary personal document for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Immigration
  • Adoption
  • Job searches
  • Study abroad
  • Remarrying
  • Grab social welfare benefits
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Pension splitting
  • Applying for citizenship and immigration
  • Banking purposes
  • Getting a driver’s license

Several authorities demand certified translations of divorce certificates to confirm that marriage has followed the correct legal procedures to end. For remarriage or immigration, divorced people may be required to present proof of their divorce to immigration authorities, foreign administration offices, and civil registers.

Why is a Translation of a Divorce Decree required?

The unfortunate recipients of divorce certificates toss them away because they want to never have to see them again. Divorce certificates are life-changing documents. We are aware of your suffering and plight. We also apologize deeply for your suffering, heartache, and loss. The unfortunate reality is that paper was required for a reason, nevertheless. Similar to your birth certificate or marriage certificate, this is a significant document that you will carry with you wherever you go. However, unlike your birth certificate, which makes you joyful, this one makes you search for Kleenex.

Divorce Certificate Translations in dubai

A divorce decree is written in many different languages, writing styles, and religious contexts that are taken into consideration when managing the document. Any and all marriage contracts have religious ramifications, and it takes religiously inspired procedures to annul the partnership. As a result, we have seen very different approaches to this problem in very different geographic contexts.

But in order for you to demonstrate proof of previous marriages and your current marital status, all significant papers will be required. Do you need to unearth that tragic reminder to give the immigration office the divorce decree and its translation? Do not worry; we have the greatest translation team who will create the translation while keeping in mind the target immigration office. This is required since each immigration office has distinct requirements that can only be satisfied by planning the translation in accordance with the guidelines they have established.

You can trust us to provide an exact translation of the decree that the immigration office will accept and clear, and you’ll find our certified translation services for immigration to be quite cost-effective.

Why are we the best option for Divorce Certificate Translation?

All of the translation experts in our sizable global network have a minimum of five years of professional experience in their specialized professions. Our network is international; therefore, we can translate your divorce decree into over 150 languages from anywhere in the world by making sure that the translator working on your project is a native speaker of the language being translated into. We can ensure a natural-sounding and professionally developed translation of your original work by allocating a native speaker and experienced translator with years of prior experience, who has complete awareness of all the technical terminology and formatting demands.

Your translation and language demands will be addressed with ease and professionalism if you let our services lead you through the process step by step. A divorce certificate sometimes referred to as a decree absolute, is a crucial Legal Document that’s regarded as the last step in formally ending a marriage and demonstrating that one has been declared null and void.

Your divorce certificate is still crucial. You may be required to provide your divorce decree in a few situations, including when you apply for a visa, try to buy a home, change your name by deed poll, or even try to get remarried. According to government regulations, you must have legal divorce papers for all of these occurrences.

What is a Divorce Decree?

Another crucial legal document involved in the divorce process that must be included in the divorce file is the divorce decree. It differs slightly from a divorce certificate in that it also includes information on the divorce judgment, such as—but not exclusively—details about child custody arrangements, property splits, and alimony repayments and information. It will likely be stamped by a judge, have a court case number, and be signed by the judge so that it can be filed with your divorce papers.

Translation Of a Certified Divorce

Our thorough certification procedure and our committed team of qualified translators are two of the most advantageous and alluring features of our divorce certificate translation services. All of our legal documents are certified by us, providing you the assurance that they are true and will be recognized by authorities both inside and outside the UAE.

A translation must be certified to confirm its quality and correctness and to give you and the people to you submit it to prove that it was translated accurately and professionally.

Depending on the nation in which you plan to use your certificate, the certification procedure may change for instance, in order to make a notarized translation that will need to be further legalized by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, you may need a standard certification or certification from a notary public. But don’t worry, we provide a free consultation to make sure we meet all of your translation demands and can advise you on whether a notary public is necessary or not.

Even if you don’t speak the target language, you can rely on our agency to deliver an exact translation that has been expertly translated by top industry professionals. You can prevent any potential delays or legal costs by getting a certified translation that has been signed and stamped by us instead of relying on an incomplete or subpar translation of your divorce decree.

Whatever the reason for requesting a divorce certificate translation services, its accuracy is crucial to maintaining the legitimacy of your legal document and removing any uncertainty when submitting your documents for whatever purpose, allowing the process to run smoothly and effectively. This is particularly helpful if your divorce decree is not in your native language.

Those with little experience in the industry may find it difficult to understand exactly what has to be done in order to have your divorce certificate translated. To ensure that our rapid service meets your expectations for your project, our Translation services will walk you through every step of having your certificate translated. We are here to provide you with a true and exact representation of all your original documentation and to make sure that our committed group of accomplished translators gets your document certified for usage in official contexts.

Every day, we confirm and provide Divorce Certificate Translations Services that are sent to and approved by the Immigration Office, Home Office, Passport Office, Courts, as well as several governmental entities abroad.

When you require divorce certification translation or certification, we are available around the clock. Our native speakers have sworn translators who are well-versed in the legal system of your particular nation. Your divorce certificate’s acceptance by the appropriate authorities is assured by this certified translation.

A Divorce Certificate Translation for Guaranteed Mobility

There has never been a more interconnected planet. People are moving overseas in today’s world at various phases of their lives. Individuals going through a divorce or seeking remarriage no longer have to be concerned about the difficult administrative procedures that go along with these events thanks to our translations of divorce certificates.

Guaranteed Acceptance by USCIS

Our native speakers use their legal expertise and official credentials to translate divorce judgments into languages that the USCIS will accept. We provide the services you want if you need to translate your divorce decree into English for immigration or remarriage reasons.

Accepting Rush and Urgent Orders

Our linguists are available around-the-clock to handle your most pressing demands. Therefore, we will provide you with a quick divorce certificate translation at any time of the day.


To help you move on without worrying about the cost, we provide professional divorce certificate translation services at an affordable price.

Translations of Divorce Decrees by Native Lawyer Linguists

To ensure that the divorce decree translation complies with the terminological standards of your target country, our linguists are experts in the legal sector.

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Do you know the Cost of Marriage Certificate Translation in Dubai?

Marriage Certificate Translation From English To Arabic


Looking for the legal translation of a marriage certificate in Dubai and finding it a bit too costly? Well, it is not as simple as it may seem. Legal translation, particularly of documents as sensitive as a marriage certificate, is not just merely the translation from one language to another. It is not something that a layman can do. It does not just involve the native language expertise for the translation of legal documents like a marriage certificates. Several other technical factors are involved in it, from incorporating various legal requirements to taking care of the various formats required across different areas and purposes, for which you need a translation in the first place, immigration for one instance.

In addition to basic linguistic expertise, the core knowledge of the purpose of the translation is also needed. Plus, the interpretation is just as much important as the translation. There is a lot more depth and detail involved in the correct interpretation of translated legal documents than in the translation process itself.

So, we come up with this article that will give you an in-depth understanding of not only the cost of marriage certificate translation in Dubai but also what constitutes marriage in UAE, why you require an attested marriage certificate, and what will be the cost of translation of marriage certificate to Arabic. Let's find out everything about the Cost of Marriage Certificate Translation in Dubai.

Islamic marriage in UAE 

All nationalities and residents of other countries can consummate their marriages in the UAE. Moreover, the law of the UAE also permits polygamy which is a person marrying more than one partner. A Muslim man is allowed to have four wives as long as he provides equal care and support for each. Islamic marriages are conducted in the UAE by Sharia law, which is applicable in the following circumstances, regardless of nationality: 

  • If the bride and groom are both Muslims, or where the bride is from 'Ahl Al-Kitaab', such as a Christian. 

  • While it is legal for a Muslim man to wed a non-Muslim woman, it is not legal for a Muslim woman to wed a non-Muslim man unless he can demonstrate that he converted to Islam. 

The principal legal prerequisites for Muslim marriages

  • In the UAE, a Sharia court must record a marriage contract. 

  • The legal age for marriage is 18 Hijri; if not, a judge's permission is needed. 

  • Age disparities between spouses should not exceed two to one; otherwise, the judge's approval is required. 

  • There must be a premarital screening certificate. 

  • The pair needs to be present. 

  • Two male Muslim witnesses and the bride's father, or his representative, must be present. 

  • A woman requires her guardian's approval before she can get married. 

  • The presence of the next closest male guardian, or closest relative, such as an older brother, is necessary for the event of the death of the father. 

  • Women who have been divorced or widowed must present proof of their status. 

  • If The bride needs a "No Objection" letter from her embassy or consulate if her father is not Muslim, she identifies as such. 

One of the medical facilities must conduct a marital screening exam such as Abu Dhabi's Ministry of Health or Prevention Department of Health or Health Authority of Dubai.

Civil marriage in UAE

According to Law No. 14 of 2021 Concerning Personal Status for Non-Muslim Foreigners, the Abu Dhabi Government permits civil marriage for non-Muslims. A legally recognized relationship between a man and woman who are not Muslim is known as a civil marriage. The marriage is governed by Articles 4 and 5 of the aforementioned statute and is based on secular principles. Marriage between interfaith partners is permitted under civil law. 

The new rule allows residents, visitors, and tourists of the UAE to apply to get married as long as they are not Muslims or nationals of a Muslim nation. 

Primary legal prerequisites for a civil union

  • The two parties must both be at least 18 years old, freely consent, and sign a declaration form stating that they are not currently married to anybody else.

  • A premarital screening certificate or the consent of the applicant's father or legal guardian are not prerequisites for a civil marriage.

Procedure For The Attestation Of Marriage Certificate In the U.A.E

To learn the step-by-step procedure for attestation of a Marriage Certificate In the U.A.E, check out our in-depth article “What is the Procedure for the Attestation of Marriage Certificate in Dubai? A complex procedure made easy with our firm’s help

Cost of Marriage Certificate Translation in Dubai 

Translation. On the original letterhead of the translation center, an Arabic translation of the St. Mary's marriage certificate must be completed and attached. Cost: 150 AED approx. 

Courts in Dubai Attestation. You should go to the Dubai Courts, located on the first floor of the Al Twar Center in Al Qusais, with the original marriage certificate and the original translation. Take a token from the front desk. The official will sign the marriage certificate when it has been checked against the original passport and Emirates ID. To receive another token for stamping, the receptionist should be shown the signed Marriage Certificate and Translation once again. When the token number is called, the official will collect the money, apply the Dubai Courts sticker, and date-stamp it. Dubai Courts are open on weekends and holidays from 8 am to 8 pm. Cost 310 AED approx.

E Dirham Card: Next, you must get an E Dirham Card from the Al Twar Center's ground-level labor office on the first floor in Al Qais. Add AED 220 approx. to the card's balance. 

Ministry of Justice: The Marriage Certificate and Translation must then be taken to the Ministry of Justice building behind the Al Twar Center to receive a token. The stamping here will cost AED 55 approx., and E Dirham Card must be used to make the payment. The Ministry of Justice is open from 8 AM to 2 PM Monday to Thursday.

Why is it necessary to translate documents into both English and Arabic? 

Although it might be possible to translate something into Arabic immediately, there may be complications. UAE government ministries prefer to accept lawful Arabic translations that were produced there. Among other things, this is done to prevent the wrong Arabic spellings from being understood. 

As a result, we usually advise having the original translation done into English since it is typically less expensive than Arabic. These are incredibly quick and affordable in the UAE for a document that does need an Arabic translation as well, and they are certain to be accepted by all ministries.

What if you also require the document to be attested? 

We can provide translation as a stand-alone service or as a component of the entire attestation process because we are experts in the worldwide attestation. Speak with an expert from our team who can advise you on the procedures you might need based on your particular situation. Our crew is here and prepared to assist you if you need attestation or translation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates.

If you’re presenting a document for any official purpose in the UAE, it will only be accepted if it's in either English or Arabic. We can help you translate your documents into Arabic from their language, so they're ready for legal use. We are capable of translating documents from virtually any nation on the planet. Whether your document needs to be translated into Arabic or English, we can assist. You can trust that the content of your document will be faithfully translated because we exclusively employ native speakers of the languages we're translating into.

Factors that impact Marriage Certificate Translation Cost

When you need your marriage certificate translated from English to Arabic, you must get in touch with a service provider to find out if they perform this service in Dubai and to request a quote. The following variables affect translation costs: 

  • Depending on the client's requirements and the agency's experience, the delivery time varies. Marriage certificates typically take between one and two days to complete, and the translation service provider may charge more if the client needs them sooner. 

  • Confidentiality is a key consideration while having your marriage certificate translated. Before sending any papers to be translated, you must locate a translation company that upholds complete secrecy and requires all of its translators to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Dubai Marriage Certificate Translation Procedure 

Provide a variety of translation services in our translation office in Dubai. We are available around the clock to serve you. Even though the translation itself might seem simple, it requires careful attention to detail. You must locate a translation services provider that takes the following actions: 

  • Receive a picture of the certificate.

  • create an editable version of the image.

  • Extract and translate the text. 

  • send the client a draught translation so they can review the names and dates. 

  • The translation company will incorporate the translated text into the original template once the client has given their approval.

  • The translation is then certified and sent to the client at the predetermined delivery time. 

  • Some translation firms accept credit or debit cards for online payments. 

Our Arabic-to-English translation certificates are:

  • fully authenticated and certified. 

  • acknowledged by authorities. 

  • Hold an official letter and stamp. 

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since Dubai is the hub of multi-ethnicity and is supposedly a place of transit for the people in transit, this particular segment of the market has probably a higher demand for legal translation services, which also makes the process relatively slower for each individual looking for it. Rushing your service provider in such a scenario would only lead to errors and reduced quality and reliability of the output.

Therefore, being in a hurry, asking for a quick turnover, or looking for a cheaper service provider may not be the best idea when it comes to legal translation. A well-reputed translation service provider will always ask for ample time to do it because they take care of all the technical details that go beyond just the translation. Since they are putting more time and effort into it, the cost of the service would naturally be higher as well.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much is a legal translation in UAE?

The cost of legal translation in UAE depends upon the language it is in, the charges of the firm, the length of the document, etc. the cost varies from firm to firm.

How can I legalize a marriage certificate in Dubai?

To learn about the procedure for attestation of a Marriage Certificate In the U.A.E, check out our in-depth article “What is the Procedure for the Attestation of Marriage Certificate in Dubai? A complex procedure made easy with our firm’s help”

Can I translate my marriage certificate for USCIS?

A certified translation is required if you need to translate a marriage certificate to submit it to USCIS. A certified translation must be submitted with any document that is written in a language other than English, according to the most recent revision of the filing advice suggestions on the USCIS website. To file forms with the USCIS that need a certified translation of a marriage certificate as supporting documentation, you must have one. 

Unless the original is specifically requested otherwise, all vital, personal, and/or official documents submitted for USCIS processing must be copies only. Any document in a foreign language must have a certified English translation. A marriage certificate is not an exception to this rule. Therefore, a certified translation is required if you want to translate a marriage certificate.

Can I translate my documents for immigration?

The applicants' foreign-language documents may be translated into English by the applicants, their spouses, or other family members. However, the translator must submit a written or typed letter attesting to their English proficiency. The translator's proficiency in both English and the language of the source material must be clearly stated in the letter. The translator's signature, date, complete name, and address are also required on the document. 

When processing applications, immigration officers determine whether translated documents adhere to USCIS criteria. The officer may ask you to submit it again with a new translation if they determine that the translation does not adhere to the standards for a USCIS-certified translation. This will make your application take longer. Use a professional translation agency to guarantee that your documents will be accepted if you or a family member are unsure that your translation complies with USCIS regulations.

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Marriage Certificate Translation Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE

A Complex Procedure Made Easy With Our Firms’ Help


One of the safest ways to operate efficiently while traveling overseas is to have your documents attested. The international standard for authenticating personal documents is document attestation. Attestation of marriage certificates is the process used to validate them for usage internationally. The marriage certificate's attestation is crucial if you want to move your wife to a foreign country to work. Use attestation services to have your personal documents verified by government organizations. 

It is essential to provide evidence of a person's relationship status before adding their name to a passport. Families planning long-term stays in a foreign country must have the marriage attested by the country of origin. People can move abroad to reside with the aid of the attestation process. Your personal documents, including marriage certificates, require legalization. The native government implements the legalization process to enter the nation abroad. Speak with our experts and organizations that can credibly attest to the marriage certificate.

Procedure For Certificate Attestation For Uae

Authentication or attestation is sometimes complicated and time-consuming due to numerous bureaucratic obstacles. Our professionals use their experience to examine each document's needs after handling thousands of authentication cases around the nation. They handle document authentication on behalf of the clients, drastically cutting down on turnaround time and making the entire process simple, quick, and painless. Our professionals are skilled in the legalization of a broad range of documents, including academic credentials, diplomas, transcripts, and judicial and personal papers.

The procedures for validating or legalizing a marriage certificate for usage in the United Arab Emirates are as follows: 

  • Create a list of the authentication requirements. 

  • Speak with an attestation company situated in the UAE. 

  • Send the documentation to the firm of your choice. 

  • Wait for your document to be processed. 

  • Obtain the certified document.

Continue reading if you were married outside of the UAE or abroad and you need to have your marriage certificate attested for use in the UAE. Document attestation is required before your marriage license or another foreign-issued document is accepted in the UAE. Over the past 20 years, Notary Public Dubai has helped thousands of clients with the attestation procedure, including marriage attestation for the UAE. Our service is supported by the experience and skills of our seasoned professionals, making us the go-to company for businesses and people whenever there is a need for the legalization of papers for usage within the UAE. 

Why Is The Marriage Certificate Attestation Important? 

The process of document attestation, in particular the marriage license attestation for UAE, validates the legitimacy of the document. A certificate will be accepted as being valid for usage if it has been attested by all relevant authorities. For instance, if you were married in India and want the union to be recognized by the UAE, you will need to have your marriage certificate attested before the local government can accept it and recognize it as authentic and lawful. 

It's crucial to keep in mind that there are a few circumstances in which a marriage certificate's attestation is not required. This is why it is essential to speak with our attestation team, as rules and regulations vary depending on several factors, including the country where the document was issued, its intended use, and the couple's nationality.


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Notary Attestation

We offer expert attestation and legalization services in the UAE because we have branches in all of the major cities. We offer expert document legalization, attestation, and authentication services. With the aid of our legalization services, clients can get their documents attested by an apostille or an embassy in more than 100 different countries. Before being recognized by governments and international business organizations, documents issued in one nation must first have an apostille, attestation, or embassy legalization. We offer the best document legalization services as well as the acquisition of civil and business documents from the appropriate authorities, such as police clearance certificates, single status certificates, duplicate degree certificates, and marriage certificates. We offer full support to testify your documents swiftly and affordably.

We give our clients instructions on how to verify papers through the attestation and legalization processes. We assist clients in getting their official documents from notaries, state home departments, embassies, consulates, and other relevant organizations attested. We want to offer everyone a risk-free one-stop solution to all of their difficulties.

Home Department Attestation

The certification of a marriage certificate is necessary when requesting a family visa. The nation in which you are applying for a family visa must confirm the validity of the marriage certificate you are submitting. The certificate must be legalized and confirmed by the embassy in your country in order to ensure its authenticity. You cannot obtain a family visa without the attestation of your marriage certificate.

You'll soon learn that the process for getting your marriage certificate verified for use in the UAE is a little difficult. For ease of understanding, we will present the procedure here in a step-by-step fashion. Home Department Attestation is the first phase of marriage certificate attestation. You have to submit your marriage certificate to the Home Department department of the concerned state for verification. They will verify your documents and do the attestation procedure.

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs performs MEA attestations. MEA offers two different kinds of document attestation. There are two varieties of attestation for marriage certificates. Marriage certificate attestations by the MEA and the Apostille are the two types. 

Apostille Marriage Certificate Attestation: If the country to which you are traveling is a signatory to the Hague Convention, then you must get your marriage certificate attested with an Apostille stamp. The standard attestation process is followed by the MEA. One only needs to submit their certificate for verification, and the Ministry of External Affairs will certify it following an accurate verification. 

UAE Embassy Attestation

The marriage certificate is then delivered to the embassy or consulate of the nation you intend to visit after undergoing HRD and MEA attestation. After verification, the Embassy will attest your marriage certificate. Keep in mind that the UAE Embassy does not accept documents for attestation from individual applicants. You will require the following documents for attestation of your marriage certificate from the UAE Embassy:

  • Original marriage certificate attested by the MOFA

  • Copy of UAE residency

  • Copies of your own and your spouse’ NIC and passport

You no longer have to endure the inconvenience of going through ministries and agencies for attestation. You can obtain the attestation of your marriage license with the assistance of our professional team at the best marriage certificate attestation service in the UAE.

MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Your marriage certificate must first be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, keep the following in mind: 

  • The validity and content of the document are not certified by the MOFA. By countersigning the attestation and confirming the signatures of the relevant authorities, it authenticates the attestation provided by other authorities. 

  • Your marriage certificate will be valid forever after it has been attested; you won't ever need to do so. 

  • Only English-language marriage certificates are attested by the MOFA. Any other language certificates will not be attested. 

  • The government-approved translation services can translate your attested marriage certificate. 

  • The Camp Offices are where you may attest your marriage license also. 


Things to Consider When Getting a Marriage Certificate Attested in the UAE. The various state departments do not demand personal appearance for document attestation. However, if you aren't handling the attestation of a certificate personally, you'll need an authorization letter. Depending on the state department engaged in the process, the attestation charge may vary. A service provider should be consulted for a more thorough estimate. 

For use in the UAE, a marriage certificate must be attested because, without the attestation stamps/seals, local authorities won't consider the document to be legitimate and legal. There is no requirement for attestation if a marriage certificate was issued locally or in the UAE, especially if it would be utilized locally. The legalization of a marriage certificate indeed requires a lot of work and time. Fortunately, with the assistance of professionals, the entire authentication process can be completed. Give us a call now if you want to learn more about how to attest to a marriage certificate.

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