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Birth Certificate Translation Services in JLT, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Birth Certificate Translation Services in JLT, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

When a child is born overseas and the local birth certificate is not in English or the desired language, certified birth certificate translations are needed. To verify your identity or age to foreign authorities when undergoing a procedure abroad, birth certificates can also be translated and validated.

The birth certificate must normally be less than three months old for most processes, but authorities want it well in advance of the process or event (for example, a month in advance). This gives you a very small window of time to complete the translation! This is where we come in. read further to learn more about birth certificates, why you might need birth certificate translation and how can you make this process easy on you and light on the wallet.

What is a certified translation?

You will probably need certified translations of your international documents if you are working with the government. These translations must meet stringent criteria, including confirmation that they are correct and complete—that is, they accurately translate the source text into English from the original language with no missing parts. We provide a translation into English from over 60 different languages.

For immigration and visa reasons, issuing driver’s licenses, admission to universities, employment verification, and other similar circumstances, the USCIS or other governmental organizations use certified translations. Word-by-word translation is necessary for certified translations. This is why it’s crucial to use a specialized translation service. Although we are confident that you are an honest individual, the US government may not share our confidence in you. We guarantee that immigration documents, such as birth certificates, are accurate and full.

A certified translator who is proficient in both the language they are translating into and from must also complete the translation for it to be accepted. All translators are thoroughly screened and tested for correctness and quality. Overall, official translations have more legal authority than unofficial translations do.

Why birth certificate translation is important?

Now that you need a birth certificate translated, you should be very vigilant when selecting the birth certificate translation service. While many translation agencies offer birth certificate services, it can occasionally be challenging to choose the best one for online birth certificate translation.

A professional birth certificate translator should handle birth certificate document translation and other official Document Translation Services because they call for knowledge. Before they begin working with our online translation service, our birth certificate translation service requires all of its translators to pass several rigorous examinations. Additionally, the members of our professional translation team are certified to translate your documents.

As the leading birth certificate sworn translation office where you can have access to certified birth certificate translation and sworn birth certificate translation services online. We have developed a user-friendly interface for birth certificate-certified translation service in a way that would enable our customers to be worry-free You can receive birth certificate language translation service on our platform in over 60 languages, be it German birth certificate translation, birth certificate translation to English, birth certificate translation English to Spanish or English to French birth certificate translation, we do it all.

Birth Certification in dubai

Why would you need a birth certificate translation?

Birth certificates must meet certain conditions set forth by governmental bodies like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and others. For your immigration paperwork, including birth certificates, you can save time by working with a USCIS-certified & notarized translation provider like our Translation services.

Our birth certificate translations are excellent for US and UK university applications, driver’s license applications, and other official purposes since we translate to the highest recognized standards.

Including Russian, German, Greek, French, Hindi, Italian, and many more languages, we can translate birth certificates into any of these languages. All of our document translations are certified and validated and can be used for visa and immigration requirements. You have a 100% guarantee on USCIS approval because we provide the best quality translations for your convenience.

To assist you in achieving your international goals, we strive to offer birth certificate translation services of the greatest caliber. By your objectives for international travel, immigration, and study, we support certified birth certificate translations. Our Certified Translation Services come with a worldwide acceptance guarantee from both public and private organizations. Each assignment requiring papers for international private and public entities is given to a translator who has been trained and certified to handle it.

Who can provide an English translation of a birth certificate for USCIS?

You must proceed through USCIS, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services if you want to immigrate to the US. However, this necessitates that you hire a professional translator to translate all of your official documents, such as your birth certificate, into English.
You must submit both a certified English translation and a photocopy of your birth certificate in the language it was originally written (such as German, Hindi, Greek, or Italian). Someone qualified who has no personal link to you must perform this translation.

A cover sheet that complies with USCIS requirements and the translator’s signature confirming the translation’s accuracy is required. Because of this, the translator’s qualifications must meet USCIS requirements; otherwise, applications will be denied. This is now a lot simpler than it has ever been thanks to services like ours.


It requires effort to follow through on your desire to immigrate, as is true of all immigration and migration processes. Because we have been approved to perform USCIS birth certificate translations, we remove the effort from your equation. English language documentation is a requirement of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for the approval of work, study, and citizenship applications.

All you need to do is aspiration with us, and your dream school will be waiting for you. Your birth certificates must be translated into the school’s language whether you are enrolling in your first year of college, studying abroad, or transferring to another university. Our verified official birth certificate translations will get you accepted admission to your ideal foreign school.

your dream job is waiting for you when you combine your corporate ambitions with our birth certificate translation business. Birth certificates must be translated as part of the onboarding process for many businesses. All of your paperwork, including your birth certificate, should be translated into the company’s language when you sign up for a corporate onboarding procedure. To make your dreams a reality, you must submit original documentation for each application you make to a government agency, including the DMV, the Foreign Affairs Department, and all other departments. One of those jumps is the translation of your birth certificate, which makes your application clear and error-free.

Legal issues have an impact on the parties concerned, so birth certificates must be accurately translated when used in court. Fortunately, our birth certificate translations are notarized to meet the standards set by law firms. Translating a birth certificate is a translation of a legal life event, so it’s good you have our translators handling the job.

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