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Chinese Legal Translation In Dubai

Chinese Legal Translation In Dubai

Legal Translation In Dubai

Chinese Legal Translation In Dubai

We are providing Chinese Legal Translation In Dubai with prompt services in affordable rates in all sectors and documents. At Al-Qais Translation, we provide Chinese translation services in Dubai for a wide range of documents from a variety of industries across the country and around the world. We are a group of Chinese translators and interpreters with extensive expertise and qualifications who assist our clients with Chinese-to-English and Chinese-to-Arabic translations.

Our company is capable of offering recognized and legal Chinese interpreting services in Dubai from or into Chinese for a variety of reasons in the UAE and throughout the world. We are experts in simple and complex translation services, and we provide high-quality, verified translations at competitive pricing. We have a team of skilled translators that can provide precise translations in both traditional and simplified Chinese dialects.

Reliable Chinese Translation Services in Dubai

We offer industry-leading global translation services and have highly trained linguists on staff. Because we offer certified translations to practically all countries, as well as legal and immigration translations in Chinese, our Chinese translators ensure that our clients receive the highest quality translation. In the legal, technical, website, marketing, certification, medical, financial, business, or personal sectors, we can provide outstanding translation services.

Al Qais-Translation provides excellent Chinese interpretation services in Dubai that cover a wide range of needs. This means we can provide you with great service. Our organization employs individuals with extensive experience in providing Chinese translation services on a global basis. Our staff is capable of providing our distinguished clients with accurate and affordable document translation services.

Best Chinese interpreting Services

Al-Qais  Translation is a translation firm in Dubai that offers Chinese interpreting services in both sequential and simultaneous modes, thanks to its skilled team of native interpreters and translators. If you need Chinese translation services right away, Al-Qais  Translation can help. We offer same-day translations, even for very large documents. Our translators are capable of processing enormous papers quickly and efficiently, and numerous dexterous translators work on large documents simultaneously to translate them.


Chinese speakers can be found in huge numbers all throughout the world, particularly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Indonesia. Numerous Chinese-speaking populations can also be found throughout Europe, America, and Hawaii. This is why the Chinese language is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Writing in the Chinese language necessitates a combination of thousands of different characters known as ideographs, each of which has two elements: meaningful and phonetic. Later, this language was simplified for the general public, which is why there are two variants of the Chinese language: traditional and simplified.

Accurate Mandarin and Cantonese Translation

Al-Qais translation can help you with English-to-Mandarin translation in Dubai (Mandarin or Cantonese) or English-to-Cantonese translation in Dubai (Mandarin or Cantonese) or English-to-Cantonese translation in Dubai (English or Cantonese). In Dubai, we work with some of the best translators and interpreters.

They work for us at a lot of different events and places. So don’t be afraid to get in touch with us for Chinese consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. It’s important that we keep your information safe. Our professionals are very good at both the Chinese and English languages, and we follow strict rules about confidentiality. We also offer translation and interpretation services that can be done over the internet, like through video conferencing or other types of communication.

Chinese Translation Services in Dubai

There are a lot of businesses in China, and it is one of the best places in the world to start one. Everyone, from small businesses to big corporations to government agencies, does business with or in China. If you need a Chinese translation service, there is a lot of demand in the market today, so you should look for one. If you want to do business in China or work in Dubai, we can help you. We get a lot of requests for Chinese translation services in Dubai and JLT every day.

Chinese Legal Translation Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE

The popularity of the Chinese language has spread to Dubai as well. At the Translation office in Dubai, however, we have the best Chinese translation service in Dubai. There are a lot of things that could stop your business from going to great heights, but we help you get around them by removing them. We have very skilled language experts in Chinese Translation Dubai who are happy to do all the work for you, making you feel successful as a result.

Our experts can help you get the most out of their skills so that you can reach the most people in other countries. These certified translators in Dubai can help you build stronger relationships with your international clients by breaking down their language barriers and talking to them directly, which will help you build stronger relationships. As long as you are at ease talking to your customers, you can now easily make your business better in all of its fields.

The facility of the finest Chinese language services

There is a Chinese translation service that we offer in Dubai, and our experts work hard enough to make sure that you can switch languages. For example, the Chinese language can be changed into many other languages, like English, Arabic, and so on. Even English and Arabic are easy to change to Chinese. The people at our company can help you with all of your Chinese translation needs. We can also help you build a good relationship with your customers. As a translation company in Dubai, we always put our clients’ needs first. This makes us the best in the city.

We will help you find legal translators in Dubai who can help you with all of your legal translations. Our interpreters, on the other hand, are also very good at what they do. They will also take care of all the interpretations for your business. We have everything you need.

Chinese translation in Dubai, UAE

Most people speak Chinese, and there are more than 1 billion people who speak it. This means that China is becoming more and more popular around the world. It also has a lot of exports to the UAE. That won’t change soon. China doesn’t have a lot of people who speak other languages. To be able to sell to the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries, you need a professional translation service. Translators: We are a team of professional translators who are providing Chinese translation services in Dubai.

Arabic to Chinese legal translation in Dubai, UAE

An Arabic-to-Chinese legal translation in the United Arab Emirates must meet a lot of different rules. To find the right translator, you need to know what kind of document needs to be translated. Is it a legal document, is it safe, or is it a manual for installation? Of course, the field is also important. It can be used for everything from business to court hearings.

Legal documents need to be translated by people who know Arabic and Chinese, especially because a bad translation can have big consequences. If there are rules or court documents, it can even make you less likely to get a good legal outcome. A professional Arabic-to-Chinese translator, on the other hand, makes sure that the translations are both accurate and consistent by using a list of the most up-to-date terms. Our translators sometimes use translation memories to make sure that the translations they write are consistent with each other inside the company. This improves the quality of the translation from English to Chinese. Whenever legal translators come across a term they don’t know, they know exactly which sources to look at to get the right translation from the text.

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Alqais Legal Translation is a legal translation services provider in Dubai, UAE. We offer translation services for legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, court orders, certificates, and more. We have a team of experienced and qualified translators who are proficient in multiple languages

Arabic translation services in JLT

Arabic Translation Services

When establishing communication channels with a group of nations that are increasingly important from a socioeconomic perspective for two different reasons, depending on the nation: these are resource-rich and strategically important nations; from a political perspective, these are emerging nations with a great capacity for growth.

In 22 nations, Arabic has approximately 310 million native speakers, making it the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. On the internet, however, there is very little content that has been translated into Arabic. Therefore, in order to reach these markets, Western businesses must start translating the information about their brands and products into Arabic. As Arabic is a language written from left to right, changing it requires a competent professional translator because it significantly alters the structure of documents and web pages.

So, let's dive straight into the requisites, importance, and areas of Arabic Translation Services that will help you make a well-informed and appropriate decision for your business ventures.

What are Arabic Translation Services?

There are numerous dialects of Arabic in use outside of conventional Arabic in various parts of Africa and the Middle East. Additionally, there are significant distinctions between formal Arabic and the everyday Arabic spoken. Given this, you must be very explicit about the variant you want to translate and the target audience to hire a professional translator who is knowledgeable about the specifics of that region or dialect. We have a wealth of experience in providing Arabic language translation services that integrate quality, accuracy, seamlessness, affordability, commitment, and client happiness, and we've been doing it for years now.

Requisites of Arabic Translation Services

When you ask us to translate something into Arabic, we give you a native Arabic speaker who has knowledge of your industry and the Arabic dialect you require. The following standards must be met by every Arabic translator in order to guarantee the greatest translation quality:

  • Certified native Arabic translator

  • Specialized training in translation

  • Up-to-date expertise

  • Vast experience

  • sector-specific specialization

We offer professional Arabic translation services for different types of documents to satisfy the varied needs of our clients:
Marketing, engineering, automobiles, finances, gambling, telecommunications, health, tourism, law, e-learning, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, fast-moving consumer goods, technical, IT, agriculture, hospitality, business, web development, and defense are all included, in addition to expert website translation.

Importance of Arabic Translation Services

Large audience

Around 300 million people in the Middle East, North, and East Africa, as well as more than 420 million people worldwide, use Arabic as their first language, which is spoken in more than 27 different nations. Additionally, several Arab nations, like the United Arab Emirates, are currently counted among the biggest importers and exporters globally. Therefore, if your organization wants to conduct business with the Arab globe, it is essential to outsource Arabic language translation.

Market size

The Arab World, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabian Sea in the east and from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean in the southeast, is well known for having affluent consumers. This is good news for international companies that want to sell everything from technology to petroleum, textiles, tourism, sharing economies and a variety of other goods. As a result, localization services become a crucial requirement as well as a crucial success element for businesses looking to expand into the unexplored Middle Eastern market.

Larger Communities Abroad

Arabic speakers who have migrated in large numbers need to comprehend all the services they require for everyday life. Therefore, whether your business rents flats, provides transit, or offers any other goods or services, you'll need qualified Arabic translations to ensure that your items' specifications, rules, policies, and processes are understood internationally.
Special Needs in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Sectors Businesses that offer medical services to Arabic-speaking patients depend on accurate Arabic translations in the domains of medicine and pharma.

Need Assistance with Arabic Translation Services?

Arab Translation Services

Whether you need translations from Arabic to Spanish, English to Arabic, or any other language pairs, the Future Trans team is prepared with expert, native Arabic translators, linguists, and the latest translation tools.

  • Localization

  • Subtitling

  • Transcription

  • Interpreting

  • Document Translations

  • Typesetting and Graphics

  • Multicultural Marketing

  • Multilingual DTP

  • Industries by Future Trans

  • Alphabets in the Arabic Language

  • Graphics Translation

  • Legal Translation

  • Academic Translation

  • Voice-overs

  • Audio and Video Transcription


Peninsular, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, North African, and Levantine Arabic make up the macro language known as modern Arabic. When translating the text into Arabic, many businesses do not make a distinction between these. However, we allow our clients to define the intended localities, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Egypt, for the finest linguistic outcomes when producing localized content that resonates with the target audience. We employ qualified translators from the majority of Arabic-speaking nations. We also translate official and official-related texts into Modern Standard Arabic.

Providing you with highly accurate medical translations on time and within budget, by combining the strength of our sector-leading technologies with a vast network of competent native Arabic life science linguists is our top priority. Al Qais Legal Translation uses one of the most open localization methods and has ISO 13485 certification for our Arabic translation services to guarantee consistently high-quality language output.

Legal Translation in UAE

Dubai serves as the center of a global industry that needs numerous Legal Documents. Recent research estimates that there are around 190 different nationalities, which leads to a diverse group of individuals involved in legal transactions who speak a variety of languages. Bilingual contracts, marriage certificates, charters, and powers of attorney are among these legal papers. You must be able to fully comprehend the terms of the contract you have signed or are about to sign in order to avoid financial loss and long-term regret in the event of a breach of those contracts or an infringement of rights. As so many case laws demonstrate, this can have serious consequences. Al Qais translation as the best legal translation services provider in Dubai makes sure that these documents are translated in accordance with legal terminology thanks to Dubai's excellent legal translators.

Legal translation services

Legal translation is one of the most challenging and sought-after categories in the translation industry because of the intricacy and meticulousness required. Law firms, businesses, and governmental bodies all require qualified legal translators. Law is a very active field. It is based on a few nebulous, shifting principles that substantially vary depending on the country or region where the rules are applied. Depending on the reader and the language used to convey it, the meaning of legal discourse is always shifting.

Therefore, accurate legal translations are essential because even a single error can harm your client. You must entrust the translation project to a legal interpreter whose mother tongue has a strong connection to the target language.

We guarantee that our translated documents will be accepted as valid in whichever court they are being presented in. These documents could be viewed as invalid or fraudulent without the proper translation, which could result in serious issues for everyone concerned, including judges, attorneys, and anybody else who works with them; Consequently, a great legal translator is just as necessary as a lawyer, if not more so.

Advice for selection of the best translation services

Legal Translation Services

Find a company that offers specializes in translating legal documents.

There are many different types of translations available, including technical translation, administrative translation, Medical Translation, and commercial translation. While some translation firms can only accept specialized assignments in certain fields of translation, many translation agencies have teams that specialize in practically every topic. It is advisable to choose a company that specializes solely in legal translations. Since they are familiar with legal jargon, their translators won't make any mistakes when they translate your documents. By using a skilled, experienced professional translator who is familiar with the legislation, you will also receive legal support, as well as a translation-only service or a translation and interpretation service, which are both offered by the best legal translation service provider.

Check the company's standing

choose a reputable legal translation service, look into the company's prior clients' names, and learn about its history. Check online for references to learn about the company's reputation. Find out how they deal with clients by speaking to their consumers. In addition to assisting, you with translating legal documents, reliable legal translation services can help you through the complexity and challenges of a foreign language. This entails upholding the greatest standards of accuracy, ensuring client satisfaction, and ensuring data security. As a result, you can be confident that you will get excellent services, precise translations that are formatted correctly, and top-notch customer service.

Make sure that you are comfortable with their confidentiality policy.

It can be difficult to put your trust in a third party when it comes to legal issues. Making a choice based on the advice of a dubious or unreliable firm could jeopardize the confidentiality of sensitive legal data. Prior to using any legitimate translation company, learn more about their confidentiality policy to prevent a future incident like this one. Make sure the translation agency upholds a confidentiality policy.

Check their credentials

Until you have proof to back it up, you won't know whether the legal translation is accurate. To demonstrate the document's legal validity, the courts and government agencies need proof. You'll need an authentic translation from a reputable translation agency to substantiate this. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to use a translation agency that is authorized and legitimate.

Check their familiarity with the region's legal system.

As was already said, the legal translator you select must be conversant with the laws of both the source and destination nations. The vocabulary and terminology of law are the same across all legal systems. Legal jargon used in other languages might not always signify what it says. Therefore, having a qualified translator who is conversant in the local language and compliant with the legislation is essential.

Our Best Translation Team

Due to their intricacy, legal papers are routinely translated from one language into another in order for someone who does not speak the original language to understand it. Before being used effectively, a variety of legal documents must first be translated. The translation job necessitates thorough familiarity with the client's industry as well as with legal jargon. This is exactly what we do at Al Qais, we make sure that not only your peace of mind is not disturbed but also that you are saved from fines and other mishaps on the way to your professional success.

Our Legal translators in Dubai are knowledgeable in both the subject and the source and destination languages. We at Al Qais comprise translators who have years of experience in the profession of law. Therefore, they are knowledgeable about their subject. Any queries you may have during the translation process can be answered, and they can also help you learn the language.

Al Qais legal professional translation service in Dubai includes translators who have years of expertise translating papers in their particular field in addition to individual practitioners. Large corporations and multinational companies have their headquarters or branches in Dubai. Banks from around the world, as well as embassies and governments of the world, carry out their business in Dubai. Hence it is crucial for the smooth running of the business and to maximize co-operations that qualified and experienced legal translation services are experienced in both out-of-the-court and in-court legal documents and processes.

Contracts, Court and witness transcripts, Depositions, Confidentiality agreements, wills and trusts, Complaints, Policies, Legal Statements, Licenses, Litigation documentation, Arbitration translation, Legal disclaimers, etc., are some of the legal documents that legal translation services are required in Dubai and are the most frequently translated documents by our best legal translation services in Dubai.

Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai

In Dubai, countries from around the globe come together to sign treaties or diplomatic contracts, from an international cricket match to an import of needles; all of them require a well-versed legal translation service, so there is no chance of second-guessing or legal actions later. A perfectly translated document will not save you time but also handle situations that can bring catastrophic mistakes in the future.

The growing role of translation in the legal field is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for translators who have specific skills and knowledge. Dubai’s legal translation services make the client's information intelligible to them by analyzing the source material, possessing specialized training and professional experience in the particular area of law, as well as a comprehensive understanding of their native language.

Dubai has the most flourishing Legal Translation Services due to these reasons. The nature and competition between the service companies have resulted in a very healthy competition that drives them to improve their services day in and day out. The high demand from corporations and businesses has increased the revenue stream allowing more and more people to be interested in this field.

Many universities in Dubai and around the world offer world-class courses in legal translation as the need of the hour is crucial for knowledgeable and experienced translators that have not only a tight grip on the language but also legal jargon. Legal jargon is undoubtedly the most difficult, and many lawyers, after years of practice, still lack in understanding it properly. Law being an ancient and worldwide phenomenon requires educated and hardworking individuals that can help the world be a better place.


Hence, legal translation services have a huge impact on society and people. A badly translated document can result in the infringement of rights, wastage of money, and, on an international level, huge disarray. Especially in a city that is a business hub of Western Asia and a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. We at Al Qais Legal Translation make sure that you have a smooth run on your legal front and not only save you a lot of money in legal complications but always open a window to an endless horizon of business opportunities.

Medical Translation Services

Translations of writings related to healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and clinical trials are referred to as "medical translations." This includes translating informed permission forms, hospital records, and IFU/DFU manuals for medical devices. Medical translators licensed and qualified in the relevant subject and area of practice must do all medical translations. Let us dive into everything related to the Medical Translation Services you need to know.

Who we are at Al Qais translation?

We recognize that contact across borders, accurate language use, and discussion are essential for the ongoing growth and development of the sector. We would like to believe that our medical translation services help to achieve this. No work is too big or too small for us, whether you're a person trying to obtain your medical papers before migrating abroad, a large NHS practice looking for medical language services as part of an expansion program, or a technology business in need of medical device user-guide translations.

We bring specialist knowledge to the translation of medicine and life sciences. Our translators have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework and the life sciences sector. Our translation platform makes use of bilingual subject matter specialists in a variety of fields, including medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, the production of medical devices, and more. With our experienced professionals, you can be sure that your information will be translated accurately and clearly by experts who are well-versed in both language and the life sciences sector.

Have a cutting-edge medical device that can benefit people everywhere?

We can completely localize hardware and software while collaborating creatively with you to produce the finest outcomes. In order to guarantee that your product is localized for a global market, we can guarantee high-quality outcomes as a localization business with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification. We are capable of producing user guides, technical specifications, software interfaces, subtitles, and more.

What do we do at Al Qais translation?

We know that medical translation calls for the highest linguistic precision. Al Qais Translation can give our life sciences customers reliable translation since we uphold the highest quality standards and have extensive experience and understanding in the field. We can translate the following into many languages:

  • Medical Device Manuals

  • Information for Use (IFU)Advertising and Promotional Materials

  • Clinical Studies and Reports

  • Product Training and User Manuals

  • Clinical Trial Documentation

  • Product Packaging and Labeling

  • International Patents

  • Product Websites

  • Patient Diaries

  • Product Data Sheets

  • Patient Consent Forms

  • Patient debriefing and follow-up documentation

  • Outcomes Research Documentation

  • Patient Outreach Documents

  • Medical Research Documentation

We also provide CROs with comprehensive operational support. We know the challenges of managing projects with several important stakeholders and stringent regulatory scrutiny. Our automated translation and project management procedures eliminate the complexity of organizing your localization endeavors. We put much effort into ensuring your documents are delivered promptly and accurately so you and your clients can concentrate entirely on the business.

Importance of medical translation services

Any errors might be expensive at best and potentially fatal at worst in the high-stakes world of medicines. We adhere to all industry-required standard operating procedures to guarantee the greatest quality and consistency in offering localization services while consistently delivering solutions on time. Anything, from consent paperwork to patents, may be translated quickly and accurately. Thanks to our mobile platform, pharmaceutical clients can access a one-stop shop for their localization needs.

Professional lawyer linguists with at least some years of expertise in medicine and the life sciences perform all our medical translation services. Our medical translators are experts in various medical specialties, including clinical research, medical record translation, and medical device translation services. We ensure the linguist allocated to your online medical translation has the service background that best fits your needs.

Our medical translation services team at Al Qais translation

Medical Translation Services

Our medicine translator at Al Qais translation will comprehend the technical terminology of your original medical documents and ensure that all medical terms are translated accurately because they have industry experience and insight. We promise that our translators will give you accurate medical translations that adhere to the right language, ensuring that other specialists and research institutions working in your field will fully understand it. Your medical documents will be translated with essential clarity to suit the precise context for which they are required in their different languages, thanks to the industry-specific knowledge our medical translation company's linguists possess.

Each medical language translator has active knowledge as well as passive knowledge. Our top-notch linguists stay informed on ongoing developments in medical translation services to ensure they comprehend the significance and relevance of the material they are translating. We have someone qualified to work on any medical translation assignment, whether it involves translating clinical study materials, medical documentation, drug packaging, or medical translations for pharmaceutical and research organizations.

Clinical research, technical manuals, usage instructions, regulatory documentation, and software programs used in medicine all utilize highly technical language and must adhere to ethical and legal standards. Because our qualified translators have the knowledge and experience to provide precise and accurate medical and pharmaceutical translations, we deal with various well-known customers in the pharmaceutical and medical industries that rely on us. We have linguists on staff who are experts in various medical specialties.


In conclusion, the progress of digitalization and worldwide expansion is continuing to pick up speed, and in some Life Sciences companies, medical translation has already taken over as the organization's main priority. Over time, we have seen the rising accessibility and affordability of increasingly sophisticated technology that may automate processes and speed up their completion. These technologies also continue to provide data-driven analytics that supports business decision-making. Human languages are now a crucial part of these marketing digitalization initiatives since they give businesses the ability to constantly reach out to and interact with stakeholders across boundaries, most amazingly with increased effectiveness during a worldwide pandemic.

In our upcoming article, we will share tips as to how spending money translating your document can save you from a cracked and bumpy road ahead. But for now, you may like to consider us at Al Qais translation. We are often shortlisted alongside the larger global translation leaders in Dubai as well as worldwide. Most importantly, we are passionate and serious about our business, and we understand that integrity, reputation, and relationships are key to long-term success in this industry, there are simply no shortcuts.