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AQTS Legal Translation Dubai specialize in providing top-notch translation services in Dubai, UAE offering legal translation services, English to Arabic translation services in dubai, and interpretation services in dubai for all your commercial and noncommercial needs.
Our high-end experienced team of professional translators and interpreters offers accurate and top quality translation services in dubai and JLT, ensuring that your messages are conveyed precisely and effectively.
Whether you need translation services in dubai and Abu Dhabi for you legal and commercial documents or interpretation services for business meetings anywhere in the world our team is dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service.

Looking for a no 1 trusted legal translation and interpretation service providers in Dubai, JLT, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah? Look no further! Our legal translation in Dubai team is fully certified and experienced, ensuring that your documents are accurately translated while maintaining confidentiality and legal compliance.
We also offer appropriate translation and attestation services near you, making it easy to access our legal translation services in uae and get the help you need. And if you require interpretation services in Dubai or anywhere in the world, our interpreters in Dubai are here to help you communicate effectively and professionally.
At our translation company, we understand the importance of clear and accurate communication. That’s why we are committed to delivering exceptional translation and interpretation services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Approach us today to learn more about our translation and interpretation services in Dubai UAE, and see how we can help you to fulfill your commercial or individual needs.


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legal translation in abu dhabi

We are certified legal translators and excel in Arabic to English translations + 150 Languages Certified translation Services in JLT | DUBAI | UAE & Worldwide.
AQTS (al qais translation services) offers quality legal translation services and is certified by all local directories and embassies in Dubai and The United Arab Emirates. We cover all languages from, and into, Arabic. That includes languages such as English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. Other services include Document Translation, Website Translation, Proofreading, Audio Transcription, Video Subtitling, and Certified Legal Translation.

Translation services in Dubai, UAE

Translation and Interpretation services Providers in Dubai

Globally established standards!
Legal translation is becoming a popular business. Therefore , choosing a quality service can be difficult your documents need to be handled with confidentiality. AQTS (al qais translation services) in Dubai consist of transforming documents from one language to another target language . We give you the quick and best quality normal and legal translation services for certificates like marriage, birth, education, and more.
It is important for a visitor to acquire a quality legal translation service in Dubai. Due to the severity of the task , making a small mistake can lead to a lawsuit .
AQTS is dedicated to providing highly customer-oriented translation services in the UAE. We encourage communication so we can deliver accordingly. Our aims to reduce language barriers by offering a wide variety of translation services in multiple sectors. We are working to facilitate effective communication regardless of an entity’s linguistic background.

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AQST ( al qais translation services) is a fast-growing superior quality global translation agency, providing services for all major languages in the world. More than 20,000 linguists from all around the world are part of the AQTS network.
It is said that very act of communication is a miracle of translation .Good translations are not easy to find and they require deep dives into the source text .Words travel worlds and translator do the driving. It’s not always easy to find a trustworthy provider of certified legal translation services. Most legal documents require certified translation, but not all translation bureaus offer certified legal translations.
looking for a way to accurately and effectively translate documents into another language in Dubai? Certified legal translation AQTS might be the answer you are looking for.

legal translation in dubai

AQTS in Dubai consist of transforming documents from one language to another target language .Thus, we offer realistic price and high quality of the translation. Our Services are quite adjustable and will provide modification if required.

legal translation in dubai

Every language Everywhere!
AQTS takes pride in providing a superior quality legal translation services to its clients all over the world. You are just a click away from getting what you need by seeking guidance from our experienced team of experts.
Unlock the World of Opportunity
Legal translation in Dubai has become a necessity now a day for people visiting and living in Dubai. In Dubai the most widely spoken language is Arabic which is the target language. We give you the quick and best quality normal and legal translation services for certificates like marriage, birth, education, and more.
AQTS (Al Qais Translation Services) is a leading name in the field of certified legal translation in Dubai. At AQTS, we are committed to providing high-quality legal translation services to our clients, ensuring that they can communicate effectively across international borders. Our tagline, “Every language everywhere,” reflects our dedication to delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations to organizations across the world.

Birth Certification in dubai

Why we need a synoptic legal translation between Arabic and English?
Actually , The legal system in Dubai is based on the Arabic language and All documents and rules and regulations in Dubai are not available in English. As such, it is important to get any legal documents translated accurately into Arabic if you want to avoid any risks or misunderstandings. With a professional translation service provider, you can be sure that all of your documents are being interpreted correctly for the local context and that you’re complying with the letter of the law at all times.
Legal translation is a bridge that connects diverse legal systems, cultures, and languages, ensuring the rule of law knows no boundaries.


Need a synoptic legal translation between Arabic and English?

Arabic is the resident language in all of UAE. Dubai over the past years has become the hub of a very vast international business. Most international companies use English as their source language. This creates a large demand in the region for translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa for a smoother communication and contracts understanding. AQTS provides a certified and exquisite quality legal translation service for your business in Dubai. A translation consultation would thus help resolve any and all legal foreign document translation issues any business may encounter. Therefore, AQTS is at service to be contacted anytime you need any legal Translation service in UAE.

Globally established standards!

AQTS’s translators have provided high quality translation services for various languages all over the world. The company’s client reviews are a testimony to its globally established standards. AQTS has experience of legal translation to French, Spanish, German, Italian and various other languages. It is their trust in AQTS that has lead to a decade of service provided by the company all over the world. Individuals and companies from any part of the world can contact to be a part of AQTS family and have one of the best available service standards in the international market.

New to UAE and need translation service?

Establishment of trade routes between Europe and Asia have transformed UAE from a desolate costal desert to a major International port. The state now offers a luxurious life style to its inhabitants with all amenities that one can imagine. People from various regions of the world have now settled in UAE due to these facilities and often require translation services for various business documents. Being a trade route port also increases international transactions and business dealings in the region that require translation services as well. AQTS provides these services in the most efficacious and high yielding manner.

Why a manual legal translation in an Internet era?

It’s amazing how internet can do any task with a click. Anyone can translate a whole document into any foreign language in a matter of seconds with a mobile phone. So why would anyone want to hire a legal translation service? The answer lies in a simple detail. Not every word has a simple meaning in the other language. The rule is even more important for legal terms which apply very differently in various regions. Hence any mistake in translating them would lead to a great disaster and a lot of care must be taken in translating them. This type of situation is exactly why a professional legal translation is required by experts who know the importance of these details and are able to perform the task with great diligence. AQTS offers certified and highly qualified translation services and takes great care in ensuring the most perfect legal translation possible for it’s clients.

An official wanting an interpreter?

Despite being well educated, many UAE officials are not very well versed in English. A part of it stems from their inherited business status as well as their linguistic pride in Arabic which is still thought to be the most beautiful language in some parts of the world. The diplomatic relations of UAE insinuate visits from multiple foreign officials. These conversations demand an in person interpretation service as well as legal translations that are very different from regular business documents. Any margin of error in this translation would cause serious problems in mutual relations between the partaking officials. AQTS is well aware of the importance of these conversations as well as the dealings and provides top tier interpretation service for such needs. The interpreters and translators here are highly efficient and well versed in such delicate matters to provide with all thy needs!

French translation in UAE?

French is the most beautiful language to inculcate emotions in a speech. Understandably the French prefer to use it as their mode of communication in general life as well as business. The English history with the French over the colonization period just increases the favor for using their own language over English. Moreover the language is definitely far from Arabic which is commonly used in UAE. AQTS understands these details and has the best translators that are well aware in translation of the French beauty to the required language. AQTS takes pride in providing with one of the best services for translating French without ruining it’s essence while preserving the technical aspects at the same time.

Necesito traduccion al Español?

Spain, the beauty of South America, has been carrying international trade long before most world even knew about it. AQTS is the one stop from the beaches of Spain to the coast of UAE for one of the best translation services available whether it’s business or any other legal translation or an in person interpretation service as well!

Italian translation in UAE?

One of the most ancient civilizations to have exist and now famous for it’s architecture, food and suits, Italian is an exquisite language. AQTS offers an equally exquisite translation service for all its customer’s needs coming from that side of Tyrrhenian sea!

Japanese translation in UAE?

Japan has been leading the world in fields of technology for the last few decades. It is one of the only few countries that use their own language on all it’s products and even for official use. This raises a need for translation service into other languages when it’s people travel to other parts of the world. Japanese imperial empire over the last millennium is a thing of pride for it’s people. AQTS tries to provide the Japanese customers with a level of legal translation and interpretation service that suits the standard of culture and progress they have very well maintained over the last centuries.

Chinese translation in UAE?

Chinese products have become a preference in every part of the world for being cheap and efficient. Nearly every country is either using Chinese products or parts for its products at some level taking the Chinese business to spread across the world. This spread in Chinese business when taken into account with the fact of their preference of Chinese over International languages comes down to requiring translation services. Chinese customers can trust AQTS for translation services as much as the world trusts Chinese products.

Need a perfect German Translation?

Germany since the time of Albert Einstein has been making scientific progress like most of the developed world. So what’s the difference that highlights it? The answer lies in Germany being one of the only few countries who proudly use their own language for scientific knowledge instead of English. Most of Germany prefers its own language in its business dealings with the rest of the world. This creates a need for the translation service that provides the best hands on legal translations for its clients. AQTS fills this gap in the market by providing one of the best legal translation service in UAE.

Korean translation for UAE

South Korea, a country quite different from the rest of the world in its architecture, culture and cuisine. Most of the country only uses Korean instead of any international language. It’s a preference that their progress allows the luxury of, unlike most countries that are dependent on the international languages for more recent literature and text books knowledge. Koreans visiting UAE can get the best quality legal translation service for their business as well as some of the best interpretation services from AQTS.  

Why us?

A legal translation is quite different from a literary one. What’s usually come across in daily life is a literary translation and that is what most software provide. Now the important question is why would someone hire a professional translation service instead of just using one of these software and get their work done in an instant. The answer lies in the difference between these two. A legal translation includes many technical business and law aspects that cannot be simply translated from one language to another but require a deep knowledge of the corresponding aspects of both the languages. A small error or miscommunication can prove disastrous in such situations if the translator is not able to interpret these aspects properly into the other language. Another important point to keep in mind is that most automated services are prone to error which is usually not an issue in a day to day discourse but such errors have serious consequences when present in official documents. This impresses upon the need of a professional translation service that fulfils this demand and is well aware of all the aspects of a legal translation and interpretation. AQTS proudly presents one of the leading legal translation providers that are not only aware of all these aspects but take due diligence when providing such services to its customers so that the margin of error is reduced to next to none. Customers requiring legal translations can thus put their total trust in AQTS to provide them with the best error free legal translations!

Translation services by AQTS

AQTS is the one stop for all translation needs. Apart from the speciality of legal translation, AQTS offers all kind of translation services to its customers across the globe. Whether its memoranda, applications, forms or other documents AQTS is the one stop. AQTS along with the diverse variety of translation service also provides interpretation as well as proof reading and all related services for its customers. Companies and personnel can contact the service carefree for the best quality translation, interpretation and all other related services in UAE.

About AQTS:

The company has been working for a decade now with over 2000 employs that provide translation and interpretation services for over 200 languages worldwide. After serving the world with its top notch translation services, AQTS has now decided to maintain its focus on UAE as it being a cultural hub and having new business investments and immigrants from all over the world that speak a multitude of languages is the perfect place for the translation service niche. The company believes in providing the best quality without making any compromises on the time requirement as the modern world has gotten very fast and there is no place for lagging. AQTS stands by this statement by providing a very fast yet competent translation service for all its customers. AQTS plans to build upon the trust of its customers with its new setup in Dubai and keep offering the best services for the companies and personnel who choose to be affiliated with AQTS!

One stop for all translation needs

AQTS after serving global clients is now focusing its services in UAE but also provides an amazing quality of legal translation service to its clients from all over the world. Different language translation services provided here include German, Korean, Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Interpretation services of the best standard are also provided by AQTS for all thy business and official needs. If you have any additional inquiries, our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team is here to help.

Telephone: +971503799241

Email: [email protected]

Abraham LeonAbraham Leon
06:26 04 Jan 23
I would like to share my experience of working with Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai, because I am impressed by the quality of their work. I had to get some legal documents translated from Arabic to English and they did an excellent job. Their translator was very accurate in translating, and the interpreter was professional and provided me with accurate feedback on my questions. I highly recommend Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai for all your translation needs!
Margaret YoungMargaret Young
09:44 03 Jan 23
I have been looking for a legal translation company in Dubai for a while now and Al Qais is the best by far. Their staff is well-trained, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs any legal translation or interpretation services in Dubai. They are the best!
Donna HarrisDonna Harris
00:31 03 Jan 23
I am so glad I found Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai. For a while I was using another translation service but they were too expensive and didn't have the same level of customer service. Al Qais is the best legal translation service in Dubai and helped me with a lot of my legal needs and saved me a ton of time.
14:12 02 Jan 23
I'm a student about to graduate from law school. I needed a translation service for my thesis and went through other agencies in the area. I was almost ready to give up until I found Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai. They took care of my project faster, with higher quality translations, and at half the price of the competitors I contacted. What's even better is that they were so easy to communicate with! When it came time
Chase XanderChase Xander
14:06 02 Jan 23
I run a small service provider in Dubai and would like to thank Al Qais Legal Translation for all the help they have provided in the past year. They are always readily available on short notice, offer the best translation services in town, and are very quick to respond to any requests I have.

Asking yourself: “How can I find legal translation near me?”.
Everyone of us will always find it ideal to have AQTS office near for all translation services needed, which can be achieved through presence online. Therefore, we have expanded our geographical coverage to provide legal translation in Dubai.
Quality work in reasonable cost
Our translation services in Abu Dhabi are rated as the best services in the translation field due to fast delivery and high quality. We encourage you to visit our page and enjoy the discounted prices we offer. It is a matter of fact that we are living in this digital era that is characterized by the large availability of almost all services online, but still some physical contact is very frequently needed.

legal translation in dubai


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Alqais Legal Translation is a legal translation services provider in Dubai, UAE. We offer translation services for legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, court orders, certificates, and more. We have a team of experienced and qualified translators who are proficient in multiple languages